Wednesday, 25 June 2008

PalTalk or Studying Iraqi Mentality

I have been introduced to PalTalk, which is like any other Chat hosting program but with loads of control by administrators, and of course it depends which room you enter. Some are pure rubbish some are quite decent.
Browsing through the Iraq room I stumbled against many that Insult people, some glorifying Saddam, Some Glorying Terrorism and other ideas and Ideologies and religious matters. However I did find a Room that I have stuck to Called IRAQ University IRAQI. (the spoken in this room is in Arabic)The reason is the owner of this Chat room is a decent person who is nearly totally unbiased to any Idea that is presented, I also found out that its one of the oldest rooms in Pal Talk that is being mostly visited by Iraqi’s from overseas and Mainly Iraqi’s who took refuge in the Rafha Camp in Saudi Arabia back in 1991, but then that’s another story.

If you just sit and just listen you shall understand many things about the Iraqi Individual’s personality, how some believe their Ideas are righteous and anyone who disagrees with these individuals should be ridiculized being called either a Ba’ath sympathiser or a terrorist among other things.
So it seems that people’s Natural behaviour has a greater emphasis on what you learn as an individual.

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